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Automation Access is a System Integrator specializing in "small business" (1 to 100 employees). We have been in continuous operation since April 1984 and are Dun & Bradstreet rated.
  • Automation Access, 4542 Pennsylvania Avenue, La Crescenta, CA 91214 USA
  • voice: 800-698-7698 or 818-248-2348
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AREA: Most of our activity is within California, particularly Los Angeles and Orange counties. We do ship specialized computer systems and equipment anywhere in the USA, and travel to sites throughout the South West as needed.

CLIENTS: On our Client Showcase you can see some of our current clients and links to their Web pages (for those that have them). Our most important concentration is in wholesale distribution and light manufacturing, but we have some in most types of business.

VARS: We do installation, system support and emergency on-site service for vertical market VARs. This may include building complete systems to run their software. Most of our activity in this area is currently with medical testing lab software companies, but we are interested in working in other areas as well.

AAx Services

  • System Design and Consulting: Our long experience with a wide variety of operating systems and communications systems makes it possible for us to quickly design cost effective systems suited to the fast growing business. We have real business experience in a number of industries, so we understand your real business needs, not just the latest and greatest toys.

  • System Installation and Support: From basic cabling through computers and operating systems, network and communications. We put it in and we keep it running.

  • Accounting, Distribution and Point of Sale: We sell, install and support Vigilant accounting software for Distribution (Order Entry), Point of Sale and general accounting. We also offer a fully and economically customizable cross-platform accounting system for businesses with special needs, Appgen.

  • Specialized Equipment: We understand and provide specialty equipment for Communications Networks, Point of Sale, Automatic ID, Industrial and Security applications.

  • Preconfigured Business Computer Systems: Loaded with operating system of choice and preconfigured for particular uses, with backup systems, RAID arrays, etc. Unix, Linux, OS/2, DOS, Multiuser DOS, NetWare, and Windows NT.

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