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The Three Objectives of Security Management.
  1. Assure uninterrupted access to all resources to those authorized to use them.
  2. Prevent unauthorized access to these same resources.
  3. Minimize conflict between first two objectives.
Assuring Access - Business Continuation Preventing Access - Keep the bastards at bay! Computers & Facility Security

Assuring Access - Efficiency of Business, Continuation of Business

Today's business depends on information. Information about products, pricing, inventories, customers, prospects, competitors, workflow, and, most important of all, accounts receivable. When the information system stops, the company stops. Take your yearly gross and divide by 2000 hours to get how much downtime costs you per hour. Scary, huh? Think about that when you consider the cost of preventing downtime. Data loss is even more scary. Statistically, a company that suffers loss of its sales and accounting records is out of business within a year. (Index)

Physical Security - It cuts both ways

IF your computer is stolen or damaged through accident, your system is down and your data unaccessable.

IF your system fails, and the computer is so buried under furniture, or the cables are so tight it can't be moved out where it can be worked on, downtime will be greatly extended.

It is easy to ignore physical security and physical access until they come and bite you. Computers are a lot cheaper than they used to be, but downtime isn't - nor is bringing up a new computer to replace a dead or stolen one, even if you have a good backup. As software and operating systems become more and more complex, this task becomes more and more difficult, especially with Windows which lacks a logical organization.

It is also common for a simple problem to cost much more than it should in downtime and repair cost simply because no thought was given to making sure a technician could easily open and service the equipment. You are not making the best use of a tech's expensive time as a furniture mover.

Notebook computers in particular are a physical security problem. They are broken or lost. Worse, they are easily and very profitably stolen. Even worse is when the thief sells it to one of your competitors.

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