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Our Web comes alive again

Once upon a time, Automation Access selected JPS as our ISP and for our Web hosting. We were quite happy with the service and the cost. Little changed when OneMain bought JPS - they left the JPS business services pretty much alone. We added a DSL connection through OneMain.

Earthlink bought OneMain, and still little changed. Yes, the login names for e-mail changed, and the login name for dialup service, but not much else - except support for our DSL connection was downgraded to "home service" level.

Then we were notified by Earthlink that the JPS servers were being shut down and we had to convert to Earthlink accounts (ourselves and several clients we had set up on JPS).

First there was the difficult matter of getting control of the domain accounts through Network Solutions. Not easy in some cases because some had been registered by JPS and the "mailto" authentication pointed to email boxes on an old JPS server that no longer accepted outside mail.

Hmmm, Earthlink doesn't have real business e-mail, business addresses are aliased to "family pack" mailboxes. Well, troubling, but I guess we can live with that.

Then the problems began in earnest. I will not bother you with the gory details of the 30 hours or so I spent with every level of tech support at Earthlink, OneMain and Mindspring (another Earthlink company). The matter of being unable to update Web sites through ftp access over the DSL connection was finally identified, but not resolved, and I was told it would not be fixed.

Then I got the letter saying my DSL connection would be converted to an Earthlink dialup connection. Not good, not good at all.

Then the letter saying the previous letter was wrong, I could have Earthlink DSL, but I would be disconnected for up to 3 weeks during the transition. Real bad.

The upshot: Earthlink does a fine job serving Jimmy and little Suzy, and daddy Fred, but Earthlink is not able to adequately support business accounts.

We have taken our hosting, and the hosting of our clients, to Moon Global, a small hosting and co-location company. Our DSL account is soon to follow (without 3 weeks of disconnect), but we already have ftp access to the Web sites over the old DSL connection.

Expect updates to this site to return to normal.

- Andrew Grygus

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