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If we do not take immediate and drastic actions, such events as we have seen on 9-11 will become a popular sport. We cannot protect ourselves from within our borders, that is obvious. This destruction was done by persons armed only with box opener knives.

No degree of airport security will prevent this sort of thing. It must be stopped at its source, and the only way to do that is to make harboring and encouraging terrorists unacceptably costly. Yes, the cost will be in lives, there is no other currency that will get the point across.

The United States should make a formal Declaration of War. Enemies to be appointed as needed. Any Islamic nation that does not give us full cooperation in tracking down terrorist groups and eliminating them is put on the enemies list and becomes a "free fire zone".

Any and all weapons are to be allowed as appropriate in free fire zones. Tactical nuclear weapons should specifically be allowed (for psychological effect). Occupation of territory should be on the table.

All money earmarked for the "Star Wars" program should be immediately diverted to production of cruise missiles, smart bombs and aircraft. Star Wars doesn't work and doesn't address a real need or a real enemy. It just makes a lot of money for friends of the administration.

"But what about all the innocents who would be killed?" Well, you might have seen photos and TV coverage of those "innocents" dancing in the streets and celebrating the deaths of thousands of Americans. These "innocents" harbor the terrorists, encourage them and celebrate their acts. Yes, some do not celebrate, but they don't do anything to stop it either. There are no "innocents" to worry about.

"But what about the children?" Have you seen films of the Iran Iraq war where these people had their children march ahead of the troops to detonate mines? That's how much they value their children - and they'll be teaching these children to hate us just as they do, and to kill us at every opportunity. So who's children would you rather see die? Theirs or yours?

Keep in mind, these groups are attempting to get nuclear weapons, and eventually they will get them. Weapons that can be shipped anywhere in the world in crates. Do you want to wait until New York, Washington, or your city are simply wiped off the map?

None of these countries is our fiend, or wants to be our friend, and most hate us and want to see us die. Some tolerate us for now because it's profitable to do so. They can't hate us any more than they already do - nothing to lose here.

There are thousands of other ways terrorists can cause destruction like they did on Monday - and they will. The only way to combat them is to make it unacceptably costly to harbor them, protect them, and celebrate their victories. Very, very costly.

- Andrew Grygus

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