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Vista - Arrogance & Stupidity - 13-Mar-2007
and you pay for it.

Windows Vista - 26-Dec-2006
Broken by Design

Novell Screws Up Big - 13-Nov-2006
Agreement with Microsoft

It's Over! - 15-Jun-2006
Bill Gates steps down

The Next Windows - Vista - 5-Jun-2006
or is it Waterloo?

Open Document - 31-May-2006
Microsoft fights tooth and nail.

Microsoft on Spyware - 31-May-2006
"Nuke the system from orbit"

Novell Rocks - 9-Nov-2003
Red Hat Focuses, Microsoft Sweats.

Accounting Systems: The Future - 6 Nov 2003
Project Green

Microsoft Buys Macs - 29 Oct 2003
fires employee who tells

Microsoft Hides Behind Linux - 24 Aug 2003
While Worms Eat Windows

Death Without Dignity - 19 May 2003
SCO launches suicide attack against IBM and Linux

The RIAA Comes for You - 28 April 2003
Recent court cases make file-sharing systems a greater risk to your business.

Office Depot Aids Monopoly - 30 Mar 2003
Office Depot conspires with Microsoft to restrict choice

2003 and Beyond - 23 Feb 2003
An extensive look at the current state of the information industry and what to expect in the next few years.

You've Got the Klez! - 2 June 2002
The W32/Klez.H worm released on April 17th is one of the most successful Internet invaders yet, and highly resistent to detection and eradication.

The Next Microsoft Office - 13 April 2002
Microsoft continues its move from selling licenses to subscription and "software as a service".

The Microsoft Settlement - 28 January 2002
The DoJ / Microsoft settlement received 31,000 Tunney Act comments from the public, of which the DoJ considers 47 to be "substantial". Of those, 5 supported the settlement.

U.S. Should Declare War - 12 September 2001
Enemies to be appointed later. We cannot stop terrorism from within our borders. The only way to protect ourselves is to make it unaccepatbly costly to harbor and encourage terrorsts.

No Rebound for Tech Stocks - 08 September 2001
The PC market is down for good, and everything else will be down until some time next year. What will be back, how high, and when?

Microsoft Guns for Intuit - 04 August 2001
Microsoft adds a low end accounting package to the product line of its Great Plains aquisition. The impact on Intuit could be devistating, and Microsoft has specific reasons to target them.

.Net Gains Speed - 04 August 2001
Microsoft's .NET initiative aims to make the Internet their private preserve, to make software something you lease by the month, and to move your critical business data to Microsoft servers, from which they will rent it back to you.

Court of Appeals: Guilty! - 15 July 2001
To the suprise of almost everyone, the Court of Appeals unanimously upheld all 8 counts of monopoly abuse, but set Microsoft's punishment back to the District Court for retrial. Microsoft's PR machine screamed "Total Victory!", and the media believed them - for about a week.

Software Licensing and You - 9 March 2001
License enforcement by the BSA and software vendors, particularly Microsoft, is being strongly escallated, and small business is square in the gunsight. For the future, software vendors, particularly Microsoft, intend to eliminate purchased licenses and make software something you lease by the month.

Should Your Business Use Linux? - 15 January 2001
Linux is gaining share rapidly on the server, and starting to find a place on the workstation desktop. Companies and organizations are saving many millions of dolars by using Linux, but can you use it in your business?

Predictions for 2001 - 1 January 2001
It's now September, and I'm still looking real good here, plus my 1999 predictions about Great Plains are doing well too.

Microsoft Invades New Turf - 25 December 2000
Microsoft's purchase of Great Plains (which I predicted in 1999) means all promises not to compete with their development "partners" have been withdrawn. A bloodbath for business management software vendors will now begin as Microsoft integrates Great Plains with Windows and .NET.

Preparing for the Next Windows - 24 November 2000
Code named Whistler [ Update: now Windows XP ], the next Windows release will bring big changes to consumers and business desktops. This is the first consumer release based on Windows NT code rather than DOS.

Winds of Change Blow In - 8 October 2000
Which way is business technology headed? It's definitely changing radically, and Microsoft seeks to move forward without goring it's cash cows.

Microsoft .NET - 23 June 2000
Microsoft describes its future, it's called .NET, and its 100% vapor. As .NET solidifies it offers some very significant risks for Microsoft customers.

Microsoft Strikes Out At Linux - 10 June 2000
Microsoft no longer needs Linux in it's anti-trust defense, so it's time to start up a serious campagn to combat this low cost, high performance alternative that's eating it's server market. Here's a list of the tools they will use.

Tried, Guilty, Sentenced - 7 June 2000
Here's what happened in the sentencing phase of Microsoft's anti-trust trial, and what'll happen next.

"OS/2 is Finally Dead" - 28 May 2000
Once again we hear that IBM's OS/2 operating system is "finally dead". We've heard this same story every 6 months for years, it didn't happen then and it won't happen this time.

The ILOVEYOU Worm - 11 May 2000
New agressive worm demonstrates the vulnerability of Windows systems, at a cost of many $millions. This is sure to be just the first of a new generation of fast moving worms and viruses.

What's To Be Done With Microsoft?
Now that Microsoft has been found guilty of abusing a monopoly, what should the punishment be?

A Web Site Comes Alive Again
After almost a year dormant, waiting for much needed reorganization, the Automation Access Web Site is back up and running.

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