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News & Views

  • The Register - Computer News from England - very popular.
  • IWeThey - The rebel board put up by refugees from InfoWorld's broken IWE Formus. Active discussion for the technically inclined, on both technical and non-technical subjects.
  • Linux Today - Fast moving site featuring news about Linux.
  • UberSoft - The truth about software companies and Tech Support.
  • OSNews - News on all Operating Systems and the future of computing.
  • slashdot - Linux radical's news site - usefulness subject to opinion.
  • The Onion - "America's Finest News Source" - for college level humor.


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Federal Communications Commission

The FCC ID number is often used to track down the actual manuafacturer of a computer component. Do a FCC ID Search. For this report you need only enter the first three characters of the FCC Identification number.

Clients, Friends and Associates

IWeThey - A broad discussion board hosting many topics. While most participants have a technical background the action is now mostly in non-technical threads (news, politics, economics, health & food, general discussion). Open to all life forms except spammers.

Adirondack Chair Inc. - Client - We Offer Adirondack chairs and tables that are stylish, comfortable, and built to last. With our signature Captiva and Sanibel Collection, plus Westport and Marina, you can select from a variety of different designs and colors - choosing the model that best compliments and enhances your outdoor lifestyle.

Three D Plastics - Client - Custom plastic injection molding

Three D Traffic Works - Client - Traffic Safety Products.

Eco-Home Network - Friend - An organization devoted to developing ways to live more ecologically in an urban setting.

Simple Living America - Friend - An organization devoted to helping people find greater satisfaction in life through having less stuff.

High Temp Metals - Client - Exotic metals (hot end turbojet materials, etc.).

Quali-Tech Manufacturing - Client - Paint brushes and rollers

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