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Caps match Caps only, lower case matches either (many engines ignore case)
client server - matches any page that includes either word
+client +server - matches any page that include both words
"client server" - matches only pages with that exact string of characters.

Search Engines

Ok, Ok, so they all call themselves "portals" now.
    ------------ Human Indexed ----------
  • Yahoo - human compiled - supplemented by Google for robot index.
  • Open Directory - a volunteer effort similar to Yahoo. Feeds listings to many other sites.
  • Lycos - human compiled - supplemented by HotBot for robot index.
  • NBCi (was Snap) - NBC - user submitted and popularity rated - free registration required for advanced features.
  • Ask Jeeves - very strange - and they take payment for higher listings.
    -------- Robot Indexed --------
  • Google - Good for broad searches - ranks by link popularity
  • iLor - based on Google, but with more features.
  • Vivisimo - able to categorize by topics.
  • Wisenut - finds off-beat sites - try if you didn't find it elsewhere.
  • Tioma - more refined popularity ranking compared to Google
  • Raging Search - It's AltaVista without all that "portal" crud.
  • AltaVista - was going to index entire Internet - nice try.
  • HotBot - robot index alied with Lycos.
  • Go - Good for broad searches - was InfoSeek.
  • Excite - large index - includes non-Web material
  • Direct - ranking by popularity.
  • Fast Search - searches FTP sites also - very large index.
  • Northern Light - Large index - Good research site - also has a "pay per" section with documents not available on the public Web.
  • WebTop - large index - can segment by pre-defined "Zones".
  • Netscape Search - uses Open Directory plus search engines.
  • Web Craller - "Excite Lite" - relatively small index.
  • IWon - CBS - the only site that bribes you to use it with prizes.
  • MSN Search - Microsoft - results from Look-Smart and Inktomi.
  • AOL Search - Results from Open Directory and Inktomi.
    ---------- "Pay for Listing" ----------
  • GoTo - "Paid" listings get top billing - non-paid come from Inktomi.
  • LookSmart - charges for listing, so many sites are eliminated
    ---------- Targeted --------
  • ClickThru - Personally Targeted Site (requires cookies).
    ---------- Filtered ----------
  • Go Network - "adult content" filtered out.
    ---------- Newsgroups --------
  • Deja / Google - Deja failed financially and has been taken over by Google. The style is completely different now, and there's a cut-off date beyond which old material is not available, but it least we still have it.

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