Linux 2.2 Enterprise Kernel Nearing Release

Greater scalability and performance will allow Linux to compete effectively against Windows 2000 (whenever Win2000 is finally released).





Linux kernel version 2.2.0 moves Linux firmly up the same enterprise ladder Microsoft hopes to climb with Windows 2000. Key business features are:
  • Improved Symetrical Multiprocessing for better performance in computers with more than one CPU.
  • Improved performance with Sparc and PowerPC processor chips, enabling Linux to run better on "faster than Intel" CPUs. Linux supports Sparc, PowerPC, Alpha, and Intel CPUs.
  • Improved SCSI drivers.
  • Improved PCI buss probe (plug-and-play features, etc).
  • Filesystem updates providing a faster, more secure file system and improved support for multi-disk RAID configurations.
  • Improved Web server and FTP server performance.
  • Improved memory management for better performance with heavy memory loads and out-of-memory conditions.
  • Networking improvements.
Commercial kernel v2.2 releases will be coming from Caldera, Red Hat, SuSI, and Pacific HiTech in first quarter 1999.

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