Windows 98 and NT are unstable - Bill Gates

Bill finally tells the truth - now that he has a new product to sell.





After years of telling us Windows is stable, that no shipping Microsoft product has significant bugs, and that all problems are caused by third party software and device drivers, Bill Gates finally tells the truth. Windows 98 and Windows NT are very unstable.

Why does he tell us this now? Because now he wants us to buy a new stable, bug free (well, only 63,000 anyway) operating system, Windows 2000.

Here are Bill's figures for time between reboots:

  • Windows 98 - 2.1 days
  • Windows NT - 5.2 days
  • Windows 2000 - still going after 90 days!
Of course, Bill has also told us Windows is more stable than Linux, which is well known to have to be rebooted whenever you upgrade to a new version, move it to a new computer, or whenever there has been a power failure. "Truth? I've heard of it."

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