Microsoft Denies Reality

Microsoft demands court lock on memo as it denies new allegations.





May 2, 2000 - (reported in the Los Angeles Times).

The Department of Justice has charged Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates with directing his developers to redesign software to make it more difficult to use a Palm Computing device than a device running Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system, and has presented an e-mail memo by Bill Gates as support.

Microsoft's Jim Cullinan angrily accused the government of twisting the evidence - but we can't see the evidence because Microsoft has demanded a court lock. This is a favorite way Microsoft preserves its right to "innovate the truth". Get a court order to lock the evidence away from the press and public, then loudly claim it says something other than what the people who have seen it say it says.

In support of Microsoft's claims, Mr. Cullinan said Windows 2000 has been on the market for three months and they haven't received any complaints about its compatibility with other software.

So, IBM's decision to ban Windows 2000 from its networks worldwide due to incompatibility with public software standards isn't a complaint. I guess it wasn't submitted on the right form.

I suppose all the ruckus about Microsoft's corruption of Kerberos to make Windows 2000 incompatible with public software standards wasn't on the right form either.

I suppose the form is under court ordered lock as well. These people have no shame, no ethics and no respect for the law or their customers.

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