ISP Delphi Junks Windows 2000

After weeks of screaming from it's on-line communities, Delphi locates the problem and starts pulling Windows 2000.





Internet Service Provider Delphi, which hosts a large number of on-line communities, has been having terrible problems with it's hosting servers, basically, them not working. Community users have been finding forums down, strange and cryptic error messages and other inconveniences indicating very deep seated system problems.

Delphi believes they have found the problem. They have found the Windows 2000 drivers for their top-of-the line, top brand network cards don't work right.

With their only options downgrading to a slower card (which might still have problems, and might not perform), Delphi has decided to dump Windows 2000 and go back to Windows NT 4.0, which they know works on their equipment.


Had Delphi been paying attention to industry news, rather than just listening to Microsoft and their "top-of-the-line" vendors, they would have known better.

We've heard plenty about high-end network cards not working with Windows 2000 - from a number of sources who have done tests. Apparently there's something wrong with 2000 that prevents card makers from fixing their drivers.

Just short of a year from release, Windows 2000 Advanced Server is still not selling at all well. Technology people know it has deliberately built in network protocol incompatibilities, driver problems and very little certified software (no anti-virus, no network management tools). Our article Adopting Windows 2000 describes some of the reasons to avoid Advanced Server.


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