Microsoft Buys off New Mexico

Microsoft has found a weak sister among the States' Atorneys General and made an offer she couldn't (or didn't want to) refuse.





Patricia Madrid, Atorney General for the state of New Mexico has removed that state from anti-trust action against Microsoft. She got a good deal.

  • Microsoft will pay all New Mexico's legal fees in the action so far (nearly $100,000).
  • New Mexico gets to participate fully in any settlement Microsoft makes with the other states.

Not bad, huh? Now, what's to keep them from buying off all the other states, one by one? They certainly have the money for it, and you can bet they're making offers. They hope this will work like a row of dominos.

One thing does stand in their way (besides integrity, which has never been much of a problem for Microsoft's money (until the Court of Appeals, that is)). The position of Atorney General is often a stepping stone to the Governor's mansion. Any ambitious AG with eyes on the statehouse will ride a publicity generating horse like a good anti-trust case against an "evil empire" as far as it'll go. Apparently Ms. Madrid has no such ambitions.

- Andrew Grygus


  • Washington Post - You can read Ms. Madrid's excuses here.
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