Intertrust Technology Sues Microsoft

Microsoft Media Player protects copyrights, but Intertrust claims it does this with stolen patent.





The Los Angeles Times (4-27-01) reports that Intertrust Technologies has filed suit against Microsfot in the U.S. District Court of San Francisco for infringement of its patents on secure music and video delivery.

Intertrust's patent covers a method of securely delivering video and music content without possibility of illegal copies being made. This is precisely the capability Microsoft has promised the music and video industry would be built into Microsoft Media Player for Windows XP.

As so many other companies have experienced, Intertrust had been working with Microsoft only to find themselves suddenly cut out of the deal and their technology built into a Microsoft product without compensation.

Microsoft's Jim Cullinan responded that, "It is unfortunate that Intertrust has chosen to use the courts rather than compete in the marketplace". We would like to point out that this "marketplace" is totally controlled by Microsoft's monopoly power, and that Microsoft stands convicted of abusing this power. It is totally impossible for any company to compete with Microsoft in this market.

- Andrew Grygus


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