Microsoft Clamps Down on MSN

Microsoft bans all email readers except Outlook from the Microsoft Network in preparation for .NET transition.





At the end of July, Microsoft notified all who subscribe to MSN (Microsoft Network) as their ISP that only Microsoft Outlook will work as a email reader due to recent "security enhancements". Users of the popular Eudora and other mailreaders must switch to Outlook immediately.

Callers to MSN support who have asked how to configure Eudora for the new MSN settings have been summarily dismissed with the statement they must use Outlook - no non-Microsoft products are allowed.


Many email users have abandoned Outlook to escape the rampaging email viruses that plague the Microsoft product. Microsoft has now closed off this avenue of escape for all users of MSN.

Microsoft's intent here is to tie all MSN users tightly to Microsoft products as they transition all their services to .NET, particularly the Hailstorm / Passport series of services. To give momentum to .NET, all MSN and HotMail users will be "recruited".

We Recommend: If your business uses MSN as your ISP, find a real ISP now. Some of our clients have recently had Outlook email the SirCam virus and confidential documents to their entire customer lists, and the problem is going to get a lot worse. Your business can't afford that sort of "public relations".

We Recommend: You read our .NET article and decide now if that's something you really want to participate in.

- Andrew Grygus

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