Microsoft/Unisys anti-Unix Comedy

Expensive ad Campaign to convince you Windows 2000 Enterprise will rescue you from Unix backfires, then falls apart.





Microsoft and Unisys came up with a $24 million joint advertising campaign to push Microsoft Windows 2000 Enterprise Server running on Unisys multi-processor servers (Win2K Enterprise Server is not sold directly directly, but only with a high end Intel based server). The main point is that Windows and Unisys can rescue you from dependence on Unix servers.

The We Have the Way Out Web site turned out to be hosted on a BSD Unix server running Open Source Apache Web server software. This news was all over the Internet and being carried by major on-line news publishers within hours.

Microsoft / Unisys quickly moved the site to a Windows 2000 server running Microsoft IIS Web server software. Within hours, the site went down and started putting up a "Directory Listing Denied" error message. This was soon fixed, and the site started presenting a blank page with no error message. When we checked the next day it was providing a "No web site is configured at this address" error.

For those unable to view the site, it featured a guy who had painted himself into a corner with purple (Sun server color) paint. He rescues himself by jumping through a Windows logo that appears on the wall. Of course many observers recognized jumping through a window as a popular method of committing suicide.

[ Update: 4-3-2002 6:00pm - Well, they finaly have a site of sorts up - and now it's even funnier. There's a form to fill out so you can download free reports they are offering. You can fill out the form just fine, but when you hit the "Submit" button, it kind of wiggles sightly, and then does nothing. I can see why Unisys favors Windows - even "point and click" is a real challenge for these guys. ]


Do you really need and analysis of this?


I would recommend Unisys go back to promoting Unix servers, but they haven't been very good at that lately. I have trouble remembering they even make servers anymore. Finding PHBs dumb enough to to put critical systems on Windows may be their only hope.

- Andrew Grygus


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