Gartner Group on Windows NT 5.0

A long time promoter of Microsoft, Gartner Group takes a look at Windows NT 5.0 and comes up with predictions.





Gartner Group, the premier IT research and consulting group to the Fortune 500 set has laid out its predictions for NT 5.0, and they don't jive too well with what Microsoft has been telling us.
  • A fully stable version of 5.0 won't be out until mid 2000.
  • A version suitable for production environments won't be out until early 2001.
  • Fewer than 5% of NT desktops will be version 5.0 by the end of 2000.
  • Less than 50% of NT desktops will be version 5.0 by the end of 2003.
  • NT is too expensive for the desktop
Garner Group's previously "convert everything to Microsoft" attitude adds weight to these less than optimistic projections.

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