Big Consulting Firms Blast NT

Reality bites Microsoft - allies are revolting





As thought Microsoft didn't have enough trouble with its enemies, its friends are getting antsy and starting to look at reality. Reality doesn't become Microsoft any better than it did the Wizard of Oz. D. H. Brown, in its annual review of application servers ranked IBM's AIX, Sun's Solaris, SGI's Irix, Hewlett Packard's HP-UX, and Microsoft's Windows NT. Results:
  • Scalability - NT: dead last
  • Reliability - NT: dead last
  • availability (as in uptime) - NT: dead last
  • serviceability - NT: dead last
  • system management - NT: dead last
  • support of PC clients - NT: second (after Digital Unix).
Critics of this report protest it is comparing NT to enterprise class operating systems - but that's exactly what Microsoft loudly proclaims NT is! We hold the comparisons are fair.

Also, the protests don't explain how NT finished dead last (by a wide margin) against OS/2, SCO and NetWare (which are not claimed as enterprise class operating systems) in VAR Business' annual survey of VARs (Value Added Resellers).

Meanwhile, Giga Information Systems found that upgrading from NetWare 4 to NT 4 would cost 2 to 3 times as much as upgrading to NetWare 5.0. Some issues raised were performance, reliability and administrative costs. An all NT network would need at least twice as many servers as NetWare, and more (and higher paid) administrators.

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