Windows NT Superior to Linux

Microsoft funds "Independent" benchmarks of Linux vs. Windows NT to assure "correct" result.





"Independent" Research company Mindcraft Inc. has completed a study that "proves" NT is 2.5 times faster than Linux at file serving and 3.7 times faster as a web server. So how did Mindcraft come up with results completely at odds with the rest of the world? By using the same rigorous scientific methods Apple used to prove the iMac is way faster than a Pentium - cripple the one that's supposed to lose.
  • Both NT and Linux were run from the same hard disk, NT at the edge where data transfers would be 1.5 to 2 times faster.
  • "bdflush" and "system cache size" were not adjusted to improve Linux performance for the applications tested. Correct adjustment would have doubled Linux's performance.
  • The clients were all Windows95/98 which favors NT. NT clients would have favored Linux/Samba.
  • "widelinks" was set to "no", crippling Samba server performance.
  • The Apache Web server had "KeepAlive" turned off, and other parameters were in "less than optimal" configurations.
  • The Linux system appears to have been set to run out of file handles.
You can bet the NT configuration was optimized by the best technicians Microsoft could provide.

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