New OS/2 Client

IBM Management plays musical chairs once again - and suddenly there will be a new OS/2 Warp Client. Feb 2000 - IBM has maintained there is no need for a new OS/2 client, that the current one (Warp 4) is being kept up-to-date with fixpacks, and is entirely adequate. OS/2 users, however, have been clamoring for a new client for some time. First, they feel it would be a confirmation of commitment by IBM. Second, Installation has become more difficult, especially on newer newer equipment and installing the fixpacks is a pain.

In 1999 there was an attempt by OS/2 software publisher StarDock to take over updating and releasing a new client. Negotiations with the OS/2 group went well, but at the last moment upper management killed the deal. It looked like there really would not be a new client.

In January, IBM did some departmental reorganizing which moved managers of the OS/2 group into positions of greater influence. Suddenly we will have a new client after all.

+ Mar 2000 - Interested attendees at the big ceBit show in Germany talked to IBM reps who said the new client would be released about Sept 2000.

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