IBM Turns the Lights Back On

Despite IBM's urging, OS/2 users have refused to move to inferior platforms. IBM starts to deal with that reality.





Many at IBM want to see OS/2 dead. Global Services - because Window needs many times as much service. Marketing - because OS/2's superiority over its competitors is living proof they are incompetent. Netfinity - because Windows 2000 requires more servers (and more expensive servers). Managers - who wish to bury the evidence of how Bill Gates led them around by the nose.

IBM's customers want OS/2 alive and supported. IBM's OS/2 sales for 1998/1999 exceeded forecast by 34%. Why? Simply because users know that moving to an inferior platform will vastly increase their costs and negatively impact productivity. Exactly the reason Global Services and Netfinity want them to move to Windows 2000.

One huge international bank assured IBM that if they were forced off OS/2, they would ban all IBM products and services.

Finally recognizing reality, IBM has turned support for OS/2 back on, and has announced a "Convenience Pack" for release at the end of November. This is not a whole new version, but brings the OS/2 install CD-ROM up to the level of FixPack 13 (or beyond), and encorporates the Warp Server for eBusiness kernel. IBM has publicly stated they will continue to support and enhance OS/2 for at least 7 more years.

Other increasingly prominent OS/2 life signs are Project Oden, (which is having considerable success getting Windows95/98 software to run under OS/2) and the Everblue Project, which is porting xlib (the Unix graphic interface) to OS/2.

Many Linux packages are currently being ported to OS/2 using emx and the XFree86 graphic environment. Most programs written in Java also run on OS/2 (unless they are programmed with Microsoft's corrupted J++). OS/2 has the fastest Java implementation of any platform.

OS/2 is starting to get a lot more press, and much more complimentary press (example: The Register). Even slashdot (a hotbed of Linux fanatics) has posted an OS/2 item, which has generated a lot of discussion.

There are strong rumors that a Warp 5 client is being worked on, but IBM is very tight lipped about developments (ever since the DoJ cracked down on their FUD mill).

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