Aurora: Warp Server 5.0

The next version of Warp Server, 5.0 is released for Beta testing





IBM is about to issue a beta test release of the latest OS/2 Warp Server, code named Aurora. The final release is scheduled for early 1999. Aurora is targeted at ecommerce, desktop management with WSOD (WorkSpace On Demand), network management, Java and other advanced applications at the "entry level" end. For IBM, "entry level" means your are already pretty substantial.

Particular features of Aurora that are getting attention are:

  • NT Management: A Warp Server will be able to manage Windows NT Servers on the same network. This is better than NT itself can do.
  • Journaling File System: This is being brought over from the RS6000 AIX systems. With this file system OS/2 will be better and faster at recovering from interruptions in service.
  • OS/2 Warp 4 Desktop: Warp Server 4.0 came out before the Warp 4 client, so it uses the Warp 3 desktop. Actually, the Warp 4 desktop can be installed to Warp Server 4 with IBM's blessing, and AAx has done that.
  • Website: Software to set up a website is included, along with Netscape Communicator 4.04.
  • Eurocurrency: As big an issue as Y2K for many companies (Aurora is also Y2K compliant).
  • NFS, SMP, I2O, NLS and a host of other acronyms.

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