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Privacy Policy

  • We do not willingly share personal names, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers or other personal or contact information obtained through this Web site or through other correspondence with any other entity, whether private, business or governmental.
  • Personal information, names addresses, etc. are not permanently stored on any computer or other filing system that is accessible from outside our facility.
  • We may send additional information on the same or similar subjects to any person or entity who has requested specific information from us unless they request we do not do so.
  • We respect (and adhere to) all requests to not communicate by any means.
  • We may pass on business contact information for businesses or persons engaged in a business to other persons or businesses that we feel may be interested in the products or services of that business (unless requested not to).
  • We may maintain "opt-in" newsletters or mailing lists which are sent only to persons who have requested them.
  • We do not engage in unsolicited bulk email (spam).

Announcements, Link Exchange, Advertising

  • We may, at our discretion, post submitted announcements for events or releases if we feel they are appropriate to our clients and other visitors to our site.
  • We would be happy to exchange links with other Web sites if we feel the two sites are appropriate to each other and have confidence the other site is ethical and reliable.
  • We do not currently accept paid advertising.

Guidelines for all the above. Link graphics will probably be placed on the left sidebar. Graphics must be 110 pixels or less wide and 130 pixels or less high. Nothing that moves, blinks, or is designed to offend will be accepted.

The above items may sometimes be placed on the front page, entirely at our discretion, but will more commonly be put on a first tier subpage (News, Links, Topics, Products).

Linking, Copyrights & Patents

  • Linking to documents articles, topics and news items on this site is permitted, even encouraged, so long as any copyright notice and addresses or other authorship statements on the page are clearly visible.
  • Links: We will try to keep all documents available, but this is a business, not the Akashic Record, so any document may have its contents changed or enhanced with additional information. We will try not to violate the intent of the original version, but link at your own risk.
  • Extracting text from documents on this site for incorporation into another work requires our specific permission, except where established copyright concepts of "fair usage" apply.
  • Links from this site to other sites are in keeping with the spirit of the Internet. We do not attempt to make anyone else's content appear to be our own.
  • Deep Links: If you object to our use of a "deep link" into your site, notify us and we will move it to your front page (with an explanation).
  • Copyright: All original material on this site is copyright Automation Access - all rights reserved.
  • Copyright: All copyrights of materials incorporated or linked to on this site are respected. Given the chaotic nature of the Internet, we are not able to identify copyrights and ownership of many items. If you find us in violation of your copyright, notify us and we will license (if reasonable) or remove such material, unless your claim looks bogus to us.
  • Patents: We do not recognize the validity of crap patents on obvious Internet stuff and software, issued by a Patent Office that hasn't a clue and wouldn't recognize one if it hit them between the eyes with a 2x4. Get a life.
  • Patents: We do recognize and respect patents on things genuinely new, innovative and non-obvious. This is possible (though difficult) even for software patents.

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