3D Plastics Three D Plastics

A Manufacturer of large injection molded plastic products.




Application: Inventory, Distribution, Accounting and Bar-Code.
Server: AAx K6 running Windows NT Server 4.0.
Network: TCP/IP & NetBIOS over Ethernet 10BaseT.
Workstations: 6 PCs running Windows98
World Connect: DSL, protected by 3Com Firewall 25 router.
Client since: 1994
AAx Does: Cabling, Network, Support, Computers & Maintenance.
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Building Three D Plastics has a large injection molding operation in Burbank, California. They produce parts for other companies, and for their their own spin-off company, Three D Traffic Works Inc.

Three D's offices are in the top floor of this building. The bottom floor, and nearly every other building along the block in either direction, is filled with Three D machinery, product and workers. Three D also operates their own Tool & Die Shop.

Server Three D's (AAx built) Windows NT 4.0 server supports 6 Windows 98 workstations. A full scale accouning and distribution application (Syspro) is run from the server. Since Syspro is a DOS program, not Windows, it doesn't have to be loaded on the individual workstations. Windows is pretty, but DOS works.

The lineup in the printer room includes a Sato bar-code printer, two high speed DataSouth Documaxs and two Okidata dot matrix printers. All but the Sato are on the network for use by all workstations.
The network backboard contains a 16-port hub, two DSL routers and two 3Com Firewall 25 routers that keep the "script kiddies" and hackers from getting in through the DSL connection. One router / firewall set belongs to the management and accounting office, the other set belongs to the tool and die shop which is actually in another building.

Molding Machine.
Above is one of the injection molding machines in action. The operator trims flash and pipes from the plastic parts as they come out of the machine behind her. Waste plastic is automatically chopped up and fed back into the molding machine. When she has two fresh parts, she assembles a complete saw horse, adding labels and parts made by other machines. The saw horse is then boxed for shipment, all while still warm from the molding machine.

Molding Machine Here is another molding machine surrounded by the product it is making, traffic cones. Three D has about 30 injection molding machines in various sizes.

Products molded range from large pieces like the saw horses, to small parts including sculptures for an art company. The molds for this operation are made in their own tool and die shop.

Manifold A system of pneumatic tubes moves plastic pellets from hoppers to the molding machines all over the facility. The machine operators don't have to be concerned with feed stock supply, it's always available.

Molding Machine

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