Application: Property Management, General Office.
Server: Peer-to-Peer.
Network: NetBIOS over Fast Ethernet 100BaseT.
Workstations: 3 PCs running Windows95/98
World Connect: 56K modem
Client since: 1999
AAx Does: Cabling, Installation, Network, Support.

Office Building Del Rey Properties is a property management firm with offices in Burbank. They share this small office building with an associated construction firm. Del Rey Properties acquires land, the construction company builds a building on the land, then Del Rey manages the building.

While the office is small, some of the properties Del Rey manages are not. For example, this block long building in Burbank at the corner of Olive and First, I would say is pretty substantial.

Big Building Del Rey brought Automation Access into the picture in 1999 when they decided to bring their management software in-house. We pulled cable, set up networking, and installed the software.

Like everyone else we know in this business, Del Rey uses the Yardi property management software package. Three computers share the Yardi data over a 100BaseT network. The network equipment is tucked into the bottom of a telephone wiring closet.


The main workstation doubles as a server for the Yardi data. Fortunately, Windows 98 has been quite stable on this computer. Backup power is provided by a Tripp Lite UPS (to left of computer), and data is backed up to a Travan-4 tape drive offering 8-Gig of compressed storage. Server

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