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A telecommunications equipment supplier with complete refurbish and repair facilities.




Application: Inventory, Distribution, Accounting and Bar-Code.
Server: AAx K6 running Caldera Linux.
Network: TCP/IP & NetBIOS over Ethernet 10BaseT.
Workstations: 7 PCs running Windows95
World Connect: 56K dialup Internet access
Client since: 1997
AAx Does: Consulting, Network support, Computers & Maintenance.

Refurb Facility H-Comm buys, sells, refurbishes and repairs telecommunications equipment, primarily equipment manufactured by Northern Telecom (Nortel). The equipment handled runs the full range from desktop handsets through KSUs and PBXs to switches.

Shown to the left is the rfurbishment area for desktop telephone sets. Below is part of the lab where component level repair and testing is done for switch and PBX modules. H-Comm has Nortel Certified Technicians on staff, and the equipment they sell includes a 24-month warranty.
Repair Facility
Telecom Equipment Here we see some of the telephone switching equipment H-Comm has in the lab for use in testing received and repaired modules. Northern Telecom equipment H-Comm handles include SL-100 switches, Meridian PBX and NorStar key systems.

Once a part is certified, it is identified with a warranty label, completely packaged and shelved in the warehouse for immediate shipping. Because of the very urgent nature of telecom equipment outages, various emergency shipping methods are available including "counter to counter" airline shipping.

In addition to repairing and refurbishing modules for sale, H-Comm takes in outside repair work for end users and dealers who do not have a repair facility.

Server Keeping track of all the units and parts that arrive every day, are tested, repaired, refurbed, stocked and shipped all over the world, takes a reliable and effective data system. "After the fact" bookkeeping just won't do.

At the heart of H-Comm's data system is the server station. The server runs Caldera Linux and uses Samba to offer fast file and print services to the Windows95 workstations. Originally this was a Novell NetWare 3.11 server which Automation Access rebuilt and reconfigured for Year 2000 compliance. Backup to tape runs automatically and unattended every night.

H-Comm's primary application software is Data Pro's Power accounting package. Other software used includes Microsoft Office and PMMail and Netscape Navigator for Internet mail and Web browsing.

H-Comm has not yet formulated an e-commerce strategy, but does have a simple Web Page up while they consider their options.

Wiring Every unit that comes into H-Comm's facility is identified with a serial number and bar-code label. Non removable "Destructable" labels are used on finished goods to prevent cheating on warranty coverage.

All H-Comm's bar-code labels are printed on the Zebra printer shown at the left. The bar-code system was specified and implemented by Automation Access to provide the best possible cost/performance balance. Thermal transfer is used to assure a permanent label. A laser bar-code reader is at the right of the keyboard. A "wedge" is used so the accounting software doesn't need to be "bar-code aware", it thinks the scans are being typed in at the keyboard.

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