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Pro Italia Motorsport - A Glendale CA dealer in upscale motorcycles, offering full service, parts, accessories and apparel.




Application: Motorcycle Sales & Repairs.
Server: Pentium running VM386
Network: Multiuser host to propretary VGA terminals
Client Since: 1999
AAx Does: Consulting, Cabling, Upgrades & Repairs.

If you're interested in European motorcycles, be sure to check out Pro Italia's Web site. It's really pretty good. One of our other clients got his bike from Pro Italia and says they're good folks. He should know because he's in a similar business (servicing Rover and other imported vehicles)

Server Pro Italia uses a DOS based parts and service package running on a multiuser host computer. The host computer runs the VM386 operating system and serves 6 VGA terminals through a proprietary system. They also have two other systems running on separate Windows computers. Automation Access provides wiring and general system support services.

acmes This photo shows the sales loft and some of the inventory (does not include the ones lined up outside in the previous pic - or the ones to the left - or the ones to the right). These folks have a lot of exotic bikes on hand.

Pro Italia also has a full line of leathers, exotic footwear and all the other accessories you need to be properly togged out. Louder pipes too, which they assure me is the most "in demand" accessory.

shipping Here is part of Pro Italia's service area. They have six lifts and a fully stocked parts department to make sure you can get proper service for your bike.

The problem I have is telling the bikes in the service bay from the ones in the showroom. Apparently the owners of these devices spend a lot of time polishing them.

All this is a whole different world from my brother's motorcycle business. He makes custom chopper frames for export to Denmark, where the motorcycle gangs take their rivalries really seriously. According to the Wall Street Journal, use of anti-tank weapons is not considered a violation of protocol. Vikings vs. Mongols, and the scent of napalm in the morning.

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