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Quali-Tech Manufacturing is a manufacturer and importer of paint rollers, brushes and other paint application devices.




Web Site: www.quali-techmfg.com
Application: MRP, Sales Force Automation, Communications, General Office, MS Exchange eMail, Internet Access
Main Server: Dell PowerEdge 4400 running Windows 2000 Server
Second Server: Compaq Prosignia 740 running Windows NT Server 4.0
Network: TCP/IP & NetBIOS over switched 100BaseT.
Workstations: 20 PCs running Windows 98 and Windows 2000
World Connect: IDSL
Client since: 1990
AAx Does: Consulting, Network and Communications Integration, Software support (Windows, Exchange Server), Maintenance.

Factory The Quali-Tech offices are attached to the manufacturing and warehousing structure in Rancho Dominguez, California. A second manufacturing plant is being outfitted in Mexico.

The company has shown excellent growth ever since it was founded to import little paper umbrellas for tropical drinks, a product still in evidence when we began working with them.

Products Warehouse
Quali-Tech has a vast array of products, just a few of which are shown above You've probably seen some of them at your local home improvement warehouse store. Brushes are still bing imported, but most of the paint rollers are are manufactured right here. All these products result in a huge warehousing area, a tiny corner of which is shown above

Controlling this vast inventory requires very sophisticated computer systems and software, so Quali-Tech continues to improve their systems. When we first became involved, they were running on a 486 connected by serial cable to a half dozen "green screen" terminals. This has evolved to a networked system with around 20 workstations and multiple servers. The network evolved from 10BaseT (10 megabits/sec) to 100BaseT (100 megabits/sec), and then to switched 100BaseT.

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