AAx Rediger Investment Corporation

An investment and property management company in Burbank, CA.




Application: Property Management, General Office, Internet.
Server (Peer): AAx K6 running Windows 98.
Network: TCP/IP & NetBIOS over Fast Ethernet 100BaseT.
Workstations: 4 PCs (all AAx built) running Windows 98
World Connect: DSL on the network (Firewalled)
Client since: 1994
AAx Does: Installation, Network support, Computers & Maintenance.

Donn Rediger Rediger Investment Corporation, which was incorporated in 1972, is a family owned and operated company run by Donn Rediger and his three sons, Denis, Duane and Daren Rediger. They are assisted by their secretary, Linda (who is not a Rediger).

Rediger Investment owns and manages commercial and multi-unit properties in Burbank and surrounding communities.

Headquarters Rediger Investment recently purchased this building in Burbank, just a few blocks from City Hall. A suite of offices on the top floor now serves as headquarters for the company. Automation Access was involved in the move into the building, terminating cabling, configuring the network and setting up computers.

Rediger's primary software application is Yardi Property Management (which is also used by every other property management company we do work for).

With "always on" Internet service Rediger uses Internet mail for messaging within the company as well as for outside communications. PMMail protects them from the fast moving virus problems companies are experiencing with Microsoft Outlook. Using WordPerfect Office applications instead of Microsoft Office further improves the virus resistance of their system.

Rediger is still formulating their e-commerce strategy, but in the mean time we will be putting up a simple Web page for them using material from this article.

Wiring The wiring backboard for the Rediger office suite is in an air conditioning equipment closet. Shown here are the network hub (black), DSL bridge (gray) and Router/Firewall (blue). The router is necessary to prevent "script kiddies" and hackers from getting into the network through the DSL line.

Rediger uses a peer-to-peer network running NetBEUI and TCP/IP protocols, with Windows 98 on all workstations. Internet service is available to all workstations over the network.

The company's two laser printers are on an Intel 3-port print server (a little box about the size of an external modem) because they are in a location that prevents cabling to a parallel port on one of the computers.

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