Triumph Triumph Precision Products

A screw machine company in San Fernando, CA runs DOS based manufacturing software from a Novell NetWare server.




Application: Job Shop Manufacturing.
Server: Pentium running Novell NetWare 5.0.
Network: IPX/SPX (NetWare) over Ethernet 10BaseT.
Workstations: 4 PCs running DOS (2 run Windows 95 part time).
Client Since: 1988
AAx Does: Network Support, Cabling, Upgrades & Repairs.

Triumph Precision, became an Automation Access client in 1988 when we installed a 20-MHz 386 server running Novell NetWare ELS. Recently, we upgraded their NetWare to 5.0 on a new server (for Y2K compliance) and replaced the coax network cable with 10BaseT as part of their move to a new building.

Server Triumph's NetWare 5.0 server is a Pentium retired from desktop service. Too slow for today's Windows, its performance as a NetWare server is more than adequate.

With almost no office staff, and a DOS based manufacturing package (JobBoss), Triumph isn't on the upgrade bandwagon, freeing capital for income generating machinery. One computer in the back office runs Windows95, part time, making a for a very low maintenance system.
acmes Here are a few of the automatic screw machines that turn bar stock into machined parts with minimal attention. Triumph has multi-spindle Acme, Davenport and Brown & Sharp machines.

The highly competitive nature of this business requires efficient operation and close attention to expenses.
shipping Shipping's 386 still performs adequately with Triumph's DOS based manufacturing software.
machines A bay of 6 Brown & Sharp screw machines (above).

Triumph also has a large number of non-automatic machines, some of which are shown here (left).

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