AAx Unicare Laboratory

One of several medical testing laboratories where we work in cooperation with software publisher Hex Laboratory Systems.




Application: Laboratory Information System.
Server: AAx Pentium running SCO Unix. 8 serial ports and Ethernet
Network: TCP/IP & NetBIOS over Ethernet 10BaseT.
Workstations: 5 PCs (3 AAx, 2 Dell) running Windows95/98
World Connect: 3 modems (33.6K).
AAx Does: Unix & network support, cabling, hardware installation and maintenance.

Office Unicare receives medical specimens from clinics and hospitals, analyzes them using automatic testing instruments, and delivers the results to the originator. The results may be printed on multi-part forms and delivered, or may be automatically faxed directly from the computer, or may be printed remotely on a forms printer at the originator's office.

Automation Access built the Unix host computer and several of the workstation computers. We installed and maintain the network and the serial connections to the automatic testing instruments. The application software is LabHex, an LSI (Laboratory Information System) package by Hex Laboratory Systems.

Server The heart of the system is this Unix host/server running SCO Unix. The LabHex software runs entirely on this computer. The Windows PCs access it using terminal emulation software over the Ethernet network.

On the wiring backboard can be seen the Computone multiport serial interface through which the instruments and modems are connected, as well as the 8-port Ethernet hub (partially concealed) through which the PCs are connected. Three modems stacked on top of the server provide remote access, remote printing and outgoing fax.

Instruments Here are some of the automatic testing instruments which transmit their results to the host computer.
Printers The test results are printed on forms. Shown here are an Okidata 320 for low volume forms and a dual paper track DataSouth Documax for high volume printing.

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