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Papyrus Word and Papyrus Office bring extensive Desktop Publishing capabilities to OS/2 ($99 & $149).




Papyrus Word and Office for OS/2 are now available in English. Papyrus Word is a word processor with extensive desktop publishing capability and includes an embedded spreadsheet and drawing tools. While the spreadsheet is not in the same league as Mesa, it does an excellent job of embedding an active spreadsheet within a text document. Papyrus Office is Papyrus Word plus a full function database, Papyrus Base. The database can be hyperlinked into Papyrus Word.

Papyrus is also available for Windows95/98/NT/2000 and Atari TOS. A Linux version is expected to ship before the end of 2000.

Papyrus is small and very, very fast. Those accustomed to the slow, bloated "mainstream" word processors will be absolutely amazed. While it is much more complex than Clearlook, it is similarly easy to learn, there's just a lot more of it.

Papyrus can work directly with HTML (Web) documents as well as with word processor files. In either case, papyrus is completely WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Papyrus makes minimal changes to existing HTML tags and does not touch tags it doesn't understand.

An HTML document can be saved back as either an HTML document or a word processor document or both. Word processor documents can be saved as HTML documents. This makes it easy for a business to coordinate its Web pages and printed documents. Of course HTML is a piss poor layout tool, so the word processor version can be much better.

Papyrus' handling of graphics is very good. Color and line control are extensive and a set of drawing tools are included. Most popular graphic formats are loadable (bmp, gif, jpg, iff, img, met, pcx, png, tif).

One of the strongest features of Papyrus is the ability to use real text and graphic frames for real desktop publishing capability. Frames can even be rotated to any desired angle.

One weak point we have noticed is Papyrus doesn't handle Adobe type 1 fonts as well as we would like. It seems much better at handling True Type fonts.

IBM's VoiceType for OS/2 is fully supported by Papyrus, so people who have a hard time typing can dictate their documents, then just touch them up.

Papyrus can import many Microsoft Word documents, but not nearly as many as Star Office, and it makes no attempt to import Excel spreadsheets (which Star Office does well). On the other hand, you can load Papyrus and write a letter in about the time it takes Star Office to load.

Papyrus is available directly from R.O.M. Logicware GmbH, Berlin. Papyrus Word is $99.00, Papyrus Office is $149.00. Delivery is by email attachment (yes, it really is that small).

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