Windows Windows NT / 2000 Utilities

Windows NT and 2000 have many utilities available to keep them running, and a lot of add-ons are available to add functionality.
(Prices here are budgetary).





Appgen Accounting

Appgen The same Appgen management accounting system that runs on Unix and Linux is available for NT/2000 Server with Windows95/98 clients (there is also a stand-alone Windows95/98 version). This is accounting for managers who take controlling their business seriously.

This is fully customizable accounting software that can be fit to practically any type of business. Whole custom modules can be easily created to fit specific needs. Source code is available and every Appgen VAR has the complete development system. Details are on our Appgen Page.

[ Update: Microsoft bought the product Appgen used to run their Unix code under NT and took it off the market. They say thy will come out with a new version but that's probably a lie, so this is now a dead product on NT. Not that bad for Appgen, though because it wasn't selling well compared to their Linux, Unix and Win9x versions. ]

Diskeeper for NT, 2000

The NT/2000 filesystem fragments early and often with great negative impact on performance (and, in extreme cases, stability). Unlike Windows NT, Windows 2000 does come with a defragmenter, but it is not particularly good. It must be initiated manually, and requires a complete system shutdown. The system won't be back up until the defrag is done on the boot volume, and that can be a while if you have a large boot volume.

Diskeeper solves most NT/2000 defrag problems. It will run at scheduled intervals and rarely needs a shutdown with Windows 2000. You will probably need a shutdown the first time you run it, and on Windows NT it needs a shutdown once in a while to defrag the system page file and master file table, but this is a brief shutdown compared to defraging a whole volume (and Windows NT is going to need a shut down every week or so anyway).

Diskeeper seems essential for any NT/2000 shop, but there is a downside to be considered. Executive Software is a business arm of the Church of Scientology, considered a dangerous cult by many. In Germany, where Scientology is, along with the Nazis, officially a dangerous cult, Microsoft has had to issue a deinstall program to remove Executive Software products from Windows 2000. Your call here.

Oh, another downside. If you run it as a scheduled process, it takes control of the Task Scheduler and locks it as a local system process. Task scheduler can no longer be used to run tasks over the network.

Over all, we suggest you just give it up and install Unix.

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