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Adding capabilities to your network by just plugging in "appliances"




Need more hard disk space on your network? Just plug a storage "server appliance" into your network hub, and you have more storage. Need a router, a firewall, a backup system, a fax server or what have you? Get an appliance and plug it in.

What differentiates a "server appliance" from a normal server? Well, it's preconfigured to do just one thing, it takes a minimum of configuration to get it running on your network, and it is "headless" (no keyboard or monitor). Headless servers are administered through the network using either telnet or a Web browser.

Remember that many "server appliances" are add-on devices, and may not serve as a full function server. If your network is at all complex, you may need one of those first. If all you need is a shared disk, an appliance may be all you need.

Windows 2000 users note: None of these units is fully compatible with Windows 2000 Active Directory and Windows 2000 security. Microsoft's worked hard to make sure that nothing but Windows 2000 is fully compatible with Windows 2000.

Quantum Snap Server

Snap Server Quantum's Snap is the definitive storage server appliance. Several models are available: 10-Gig IDE at $499, 20-Gig IDE at $999, and 40-Gig RAID-0 at $1795. The 40-Gig can be reconfigured for Raid-1 (disk mirroring), in which case it will offer 20-Gig. There is also a 120-Gig RAID-5 version but we don't have pricing yet.

Quantum says "up and running in less than 15 minutes", but that makes some presumptions (Snap will be DHCP server, for instance) that may not be true on your particular network. Novell, Windows95/98/NT, Apple and Unix/Linux networks are supported. Not fully compatible with Windows 2000 and Active Directory (but nothing else is either).

Linksys GigaDrive

Gigadrive The Linksys GigaDrive is is intended for small Windows95/98 peer-to-peer networks which don't already have a server. Aside from the 20-Gig hard disk, it has a single printer port to which may be attached a shared printer.

Because it's based on some form of Linux or FreeBSD the GigaDrive also supports TCP/IP (Unix/Linux) networks, but I doubt you'd get any support for anything but Windows95/98/NT. Cost of this unit is below $650.

AAx Servers

AAx Server Automation Access builds a line of custom servers some of which can be described as "server appliances". Our servers are far more customizable and far more upgradable than "one model fits all" appliances like Snap, but may take a touch more configuration.

Several configurations are listed below with example pricing. They all run Caldera Linux (except the router / firewall which runs a special router version of Linux). All can support DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows95/98/NT, Windows 2000 (partial), TCP/IP Unix, Linux, Apple, and Novell NetWare networking.

These servers can be administered using FTP or a Web browser, but nothing says you can't add a video card, monitor and keyboard to create a traditional server.

Note: The pricing shown here is for example configurations and is intended for planning purposes. Price does not include any integration effort that may be necessary for your particular network, or configuration changes to meet specific needs.

Any of these servers may be configured as DSL/cable firewall, router, print server, file server, fax server, network backup server, voicemail, Web server, FTP server, any combination of these, and other stuff as well.

Description Approx Price
Firewall/Router for Cable or DSL, No HDD$ 455.00
File & Print 13-Gig IDE, 1 par 2 ser$ 653.00
File & Print 17-Gig UW-SCSI, 1 par 2 ser$ 899.00
File & Print 13-Gig IDE, 1 par 2 ser
RAID-1 (Disk Mirror)
File & Print 17-Gig UW-SCSI 1 par 2 ser
SCSI RAID-1 (Disk Mirror)
8-Gig DAT Tape System w/ctrlr
cleaning cart, software, 1 data tape
$ 776.00
24-Gig VXA Tape System w/ctrlr
cleaning cart, software, 1 data tape
66-Gig VXA Tape System w/ctrlr
cleaning cart, software, 1 data tape

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