AutoID (Automatic Identification)

AutoID - a wide variety of technologies and applications, still very much underutilized in the small business arena.





Automatic Identification encompasses a wide range of technologies, including Bar-code, RF Tagging, Magnetic Strip, Biometrics, etc. The greatest advantage of AutoID are:
  • Reducing human error by eliminating manual look-up and entry.
  • Drastic reductions in training for floor help.
  • Speed reduces ongoing labor costs.
  • Security, can be very difficult to forge or fool.
A human consumes significant time to find the data, recognize the data, read the data, input the data, and verify correctness of the data input - and there are still errors. With AutoID, the human needs only find the data and point a reading instrument at it, and the data is usually more easily findable than a string of numbers lost in other text. With RF tagging, no human need even be present at the point of data input.

The biggest problem we find with AutoID is lack of imagination in applying it. Bar-code is a good example. Many companies put in bar-code equipment simply because it is required by a customer. Then they use it only to fill that requirement when the equipment, especially the label printer, could have many other applications within the company.

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