Security Monitoring and Access Control

Computer controls bring a whole new dimension to site monitoring and physical access controls.





Computer based security systems are cutting down drastically on the need for watchmen, guards and other security personnel. A single computer can continuously monitor the condition of many checkpoints, alarms, temperature sensors and other devices. When something is not right, the computer has a list of phone and pager numbers to try for that particular problem.

Using more sophisticated sensors, the same setup is used to monitor computer networks, power systems and industrial process controls.

For places that still need actual watchmen, the computer based security system can verify they make their rounds properly. Check station devices are available that are extremely difficult to fool.

As with other communications devices, security systems are moving in the direction of Web browser based administration so they can be accessed and controlled from wherever you can get to an Internet connection.

Access control and time & attendance functions are handled by computer using a number of identity methods, including:

  • Data Buttons - metal buttons containing identity data which are read by a contact reader.
  • Multimode ID Cards and Badges which work with a number of different contact and proximity readers.
  • RF ID cards and badges which can be located and tracked at various distances.
  • Biometric readers that verify the person using them by fingerprint, iris patterns, voice and other means are becoming common as prices become more competitive and the technology improves. These may be used in conjunction with multimode card readers to verify that the person using the card is it's proper owner.

Systems using these identity methods not only control access, but can keep a complete and permanent record of who entered what facilities when.

All these identity products can be programmed by your computer contain exactly the data you want them to using special programming attachments.

Another useful accessory for the security department is a badge printing and laminating setup. A digital camera is used to load a picture directly into the computer. A complete badge is immediately printed using a wax transfer color printer. Laminate it and you're done.

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