Web Enabled Applications

Many recognize Web based applications as the future, but few realize their current applications can be "Web enabled".






Years ago, people expected to use programs and data only seated at terminals attached to the computer the programs resided on. Remote access was rare and reserved for a privileged few.

Now everyone demands access to everything from anywhere, at any time of day or night. To support this new world order, new applications are being developed in new languages like Java. These applications use Internet protocols to deliver the "user experience" to a Web browser interface - to PCs, to "Internet appliances" and NCs, to "palmtops", and soon to Web enabled cell phones. Uniform access can be offered over the company's LAN, over the Internet or over both. These are called "Web enabled applications".

Alas, as we know from the Y2K experience, old programs just don't go away. "Who'd have guessed software was imortal?" These older programs are definitely not "Web enabled", and many run on system incompatible with each other and with newer systems. Who can afford to rewrite all this older software from a whole new viewpoint?

Windows applications in particular perform very poorly with remote access, forcing people who need them elsewhere to use expensive remote control solutions, or, if they have the money and the technical expertise, Windows Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame. Aside from the expense, WTS/Citrix is a "Windows only" solution leaving mainframe, Unix and all other applications unserved.

It would seem, then, most of us won't be enjoying the benefits of "Web enablement" for a rather long time.

Ah, but not so! We have solutions that Web enable legacy applications, and with no reprogramming. The first, and still most comprehensive of these solutions, is SCO's Tarantella (Citrix has just released a Unix program providing many of the same services).

By adding a server running Tarantella to your network, applications running on your Windows NT/2000 server and/or Unix system and/or IBM S390 mainframe all become available on any computing device that has a Java enabled Web browser, anywhere on your network - or from anywhere in the world over the Internet. Even more surprising is how affordable all this can be.

This technique of Web enablement can be a most economical way to roll out your established applications to a new branch office (or many branch offices as some larger companies are doing).

If you think this solution will enhance your business, make an appointment to discuss Tarantella with Automation Access.

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